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Population–What’s the population of the country?  Compare this to the population of the US.  (The US population is 307,006,550.)  Where do the people live in this country?  Rural areas?  Urban areas?  What are some of the major cities and their populations?

Germany’s population is estimated 81,305,856

They are the 16th largest country in the world.

The population of Germany is only 26% of the total US population.

Most of the people live in Urban areas, 74%

Most populated city in Germany is Berlin with a population estimated about 3460725

The second most populated city is Hamburg with a population estimated about 1786448

Agriculture— What types of agriculture do they have and what type of diet do they have?

Germany has a lot of agriculture. Their biggest industry is the meat industry which is continuing it increase over the years, Germany also has a lot of vegetables and dairy that the produce.

Industry and Tourism— Are industry and tourism related to geography and climate?

Germany has the largest outbound tourist trade in the world.

Most of Germany’s tourism is because of their landmark, such as the cologne cathedral, and the Reichstag building in Berlin. Germany is also home to many theme parks that pull in tourist like the Europa- park, and Movie park Germany.

Tourism is not largely related to the geography of climate.

The numerous mountain ranges however to bring in some tourism. The Zugspitze, Hochwanner, and Watzmann Middle Peak, and among the largest mountain ranges in Germany. Located in Bavaria.

Cultural Activities— Are their cultural activities related to geography and climate?  Are there any notable historical events that add to the climate/culture story?

Cultural activities are also not related to the geography and climate of Germany. The biggest cultural activities include the Berlin’s film festival, the Love parade, and the Berlin Marathon.

  1. I enjoy how you got straight down to the points the questions are asking for so there’s not too much information drawing away from your country

  2. This information helps me get a better understanding Germany’s culture

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