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Climate Types–What climate types exist in your country?  How uniform is the climate across the country?  Please include a map to show this.

Germany has a moderate climate with even amounts of cold and hot days throughout the year. Around the coasts have a maritime climate (warm summers and mild winters) , while inland has a continental climate (drastic variation in temps with seasons, hot summers, cold winters).

Seasonality– What is the annual range of temperature and precipitation for two cities in your country?  How does the annual temperature and precipitation for a city in your country compare to Denver?  Do these cities in your country experience large or small seasonality?  (Include graphs of average monthly temperature for two cities plus Denver and a graph of average monthly precipitation for two cites plus Denver—we will make this in class later!)

The annual range in Temperature for Berlin is 20 degrees Celsius.

The annual range in precipitation for Berlin is 33 mm.

The annual range in Temperature for Hamburg is 16 degrees Celsius.

The annual range in precipitation for Hamburg is 41 mm.

The annual temperature and precipitation in both the cities in Germany are very similar and follow the same trend as Denver.

All three of these cities experience large seasonality. The winter months are very cold while the summer months get very hot. There is a high range in temperature throughout the year in all three cities.

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  1. The blog post meets all of the requirements and is informative about the climate in Germany. However I would like to see more detail involved even though it can be difficult when the topic of the post is strictly fact based; and maybe even a description of the graphs posted could be helpful.

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