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December 4, 2012

Germany acknowledges the danger of climate change in its country and knows that mitigation will not be enough. Adaptation to climate change will have to be made, especially when other places in the world are not doing as much mitigation as Germany. This means that Germany is still going to have to deal with the causes of climate change even though their greatly reducing their carbon emissions. The main plan for now in Germany is to education and research. With so much uncertainty as to what is going to happen and how much impact climate change will have, its hard to made adaptation plans. Research to try and find out more about the situation is the first step in finding a way to adapt to it. Also, Germany will have to take into consideration construction in order to adapt for to climate change. Building areas are going to have to change in order to protect people from possible flooding areas. Also insulating buildings better can help protect people from heat and diseases that may come from the heat. Flood control systems and preserving fresh water are also important in adapting to climate change.

Climate change in Germany

Another issues that Germany might want to take into consideration is sea level rise. Preparing for larger natural disasters and sea level rise is important to any areas around the ocean. Germany needs to prepare with emergency signals and plans in order to keep people living near the water safe. Along with that, fishing patterns are most likely going to change with sea level rise, preparing for change in sea life and fishing is also something to be considered. Germany, like most places in the world are going to be vulnerable to climate change, water, food, and health are among the biggest concerns with climate change is all places around the world, including Germany. Germany’s does have a step up from some other countries as it is a well developed country, it has the technology and methods to research and make changes in order to adapt to climate change, this is something the some places in the world don’t have.

With the amount of uncertainty in the effect of climate change and how drastic it will be, i believe that Germany should mainly focus on Mitigation right now and trying to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide. They should continue researching adaptation methods and prepare to set in a plan to adapt, but should mainly focus on mitigation for now until more knowledge is known.

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