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November 13, 2012

Germany is a big part of the Kyoto Protocol. They are one of the countries that have to lessen their emissions under the protocol. Their ratification was accepted for the Kyoto Protocol on May 31, 2002.

Germany has taken many measures to assure a reduction of green house gas emissions by trying to use more green energy. Germany started a Renewable Energy Source act in 2000. Under this act, the cost of electricity would increase from 3.6 cents to 5.4 cents per kilowatt hour. The higher cost in electricity to encourage people to use a lot less electricity. The raise in cost created almost 25 million extra dollars that was used to promote green energy. On top of this, Germany is trying to get away from using any type of nuclear energy, they are hoping to get rid of all nuclear energy by the year 2022.

In order to become more green Germany has put forth goals to help them. They originally had a target of getting all energy use in Germany to be 12% green energy by the year 2010, the passed this goal in 2007 when 14% of all their energy was green. They are hoping to increase that number to 60% by the year 2050.

Germany is on a good track to meeting their goals. They are using green energy more and more every year. Perhaps their biggest use of green energy is the wind. Germany uses the third most amount of wind energy in the world. About 7% of all of Germany’s energy come from wind. Along with wind power, Germany also uses a lot of Hydroelectricity, Geothermal power, and bio fuels.

All of the changes over green energy has left many job opening is Germany. The shift to mitigation and cleaner energy is not only going to help out the future population in a hopeful reduction of global warming, but it is also creating many jobs for people now. As green energy sources become more popular, more jobs are opening up for people to run and set up things like wind turbines. This is helping to economy in Germany.

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  1. Good post, it’s awesome that Germany is one of the few leading the way in wind energy, I think there is a lot of potential to improving that technology, and mentioning the economic benefits was great… America could benefit a lot from the job creating energy market improvements
    as well!

  2. Good post and good visuals. It seems like Germany really has its act together and has the policies to really move towards alternative energy. I do think it is a little odd they want to do away with nuclear energy altogether but I guess they might be a little concerned after the whole Japan incident.

  3. Great pictures! It’s amazing how far they’ve come and exceeded their goals. All while increasing their job market! This proves that it is possible for the US and other developed countries to do it and have a positive effect on the economy.

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