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Climate Change Impacts

October 30, 2012

With global climate change occurring and temperatures around the world getting warmer, most likely due to increase in carbon dioxide emissions, there will be many impacts on society all around the world. According to the IPCC report from 2007, Europe is predicted to increase its mean temperature, more than the increase in the mean global temperature. This means that Europe is going to see a large change that could hold more impacts than other places in the world. It is predicted that Europe will see a drastic warming mostly in the winter months, and they will see an increase in precipitation year round in most parts of Europe.

Because of these changes in the climate in Europe, they are expected to have high impacts on society there. There are a few positive impacts that climate change will have on Europe. In northern parts, some positive impacts are the reduced need for heating. This will save money for people living in this region because they will reduce heating drastically. Another positive impact in Northern Europe will be an increase in crop growing and an increase in forest areas. This will be due to the increase in precipitation in the region, which will help feed into vegetation. Although there are some positive impacts, for the most part climate change holds negative impacts in Europe. The increase in precipitation could eventually cause flooding of crops in northern Europe, as well as endangering the ecosystem and species living there. In most regions of Europe flash flooding will occur more often and be more powerful. With this, rising sea levels will lead to flooding along the coastal lines. Also, glaciers in the mountainous areas are going to retreat and melt, causing even more rise in sea level, feeding into a positive feedback on the region.

Southern Europe is likely to see opposite impacts from the rest of the continent. Southern Europe is likely to see a decrease in precipitation, putting their crops at risk of dying along with lack of available drinking water.
Along with crops, the biodiversity in all parts of Europe are at risk for becoming extinct. It is likely that many species will not be able to adapt to the climate change quick enough and as a result will die off. Another thing that is going to be effected is the economy. The lack of water for crops in the south is going to decrease the amount of crops available for sale. This is going to have a negative impact on the economy. Also, although heating bills are going to go down, cooling bills for the summer are going to go up.

The most interesting and important threat to Germany, as part of northern Europe, is going to be the increase in precipitation and rise in sea levels. This is the most interesting because it appears to be a positive change. Growing forests and making a better region for growing crops. Although this sounds like a good thing, the negative impacts greatly out way the positive. Flooding of coastal areas will put many lives at risk and species will continue to become extinct because they cant adapt to the changing climate.

Germany is extremely vulnerable to climate change and the impacts it is going to face. Being on the coast in the northern hemisphere, flooding is going to be a huge impact that Germany will not be able to stop. It was previously found that Germany is some at part for climate change, not as much as china, or the United States, but it did emit high amounts of carbon dioxide compared to other parts of the world. Germany is going to feel like impacts of their society that they are partially to blame for.

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  1. I thought it was really interesting that Europe has a higher mean temperature rise than the rest of the globe. It makes me curious global impacts this could have on the rest of the world.

  2. Interesting to read about upcoming impacts on Europe! I haven’t heard much about potential positive affects of global warming so it’s nice to hear that parts of Northern Europe might experience a better outcome.

  3. Pretty solid post with some interesting points, there are a few minor grammar errors (Outweigh rather than “out way”, can’t rather than cant) but other than that, you covered most of the main problems and effects of climate change for Europe. I maybe would have added a few statistics and numbers to further solidify your points about flooding and what not.

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